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Types of Addiction

Physical and Behavioral: Types of Addiction

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When you think of addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is physical addiction, or the destructive habit of using drugs and other illicit substances. However, addiction goes far beyond the physical aspect of the term.

In fact, addiction is just as individual as the person and can be associated with almost anything on earth. From common habits to strange compulsions, this mental…

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4 Ways to Find Support in Recovery (When Your Family is MIA)

4 Ways to Find Support in Recovery (When Your Family is MIA)

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One of the most important factors in staying sober is support in addiction recovery.  Support helps to cement the ideas and values that we hold and acts as a safety net, helping to ensure that addicts don’t fall back into old patterns. Unfortunately, some people in recovery don’t get the support they need from an important source – their families.  Even after they’ve explained why it’s important…

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