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4 Tips to Enjoy a Sports Game without Drinking Alcohol

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Drinking alcohol and watching sports culturally goes together. However, as part of our #SoberOctober theme at Discovery Transitions, we’re going to show how you can enjoy a sports game without even touching alcohol. Don’t worry, you’ll still have fun!

Enjoy a Mocktail & Keep a drink in-hand

You can still enjoy a satisfying non-alcoholic drink while watching a sports game. Mocktails are awesome non-alcoholic editions of cocktails and various types of beers. Heck, word has it there even is non-alcoholic wine these days, too. There’s all kinds of mocktail recipes to make and try, which will be pretty similar to your normal alcoholic drink of choice. Another tip is to keep a mocktail in-hand. When people offer you what is likely to be an alcoholic drink, already possessing a drink in your hand will lead to you not needing to accept their offer and probably them not even offering you an alcoholic drink in the first place.

Alcohol Water: Make it Your Friend

Dehydration is not a fun condition to be in and we tend to drink the wrong things assuming it’ll quench our thirst. As a frequent drinker, you’re likely at least a little dehydrated from a decrease in hormones needed to re-absorb water in your body. So, being dehydrated and thirsty, your natural reaction is to continue consuming beverages that probably contain alcohol. Well, newsflash: that isn’t good. The smart and healthy thing to do would be to make sure you drink plenty of water while watching the game, as it will re-hydrate your body, keep your thirst quenched and help decrease your cravings for alcohol since you will not be awfully thirsty. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself, too.

sober - alcohol Focus on Food

In the past, your focus at the tailgating party, house get-together or sitting at the stadium has been on alcohol. What you’ve missed out on is just how many delicious food dishes are available to you to enjoy while watching the game. Instead of thinking about your favorite beer, try focusing on the great food available to you. Stadium, party and tailgating food has evolved and gotten more fantastic. It isn’t just hot dogs and nachos anymore at all. Many food served at stadiums and tailgating parties is pretty spectacular nowadays.

alcohol Actually, you know, watch the game

You’re tailgating, partying or sitting in the stands for a reason: a game is taking place. Instead of worrying about consuming alcohol and how many shots you can do, actually concentrate on the game! Support your team by cheering them on, observing the different strategies being used and helping infuse energy for a good performance. The game is why you’re there in the first place, so allow it to be the main occupation of your attention, not alcohol.

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