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5 Questions for Finding the Right Sober Living Home

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Choosing a sober living home is only one of the many major decisions that you will have to make during your recovery. Wherever you currently live, there are a number of sober living programs available in all states across the country. However, it isn’t wise to simply choose the first one that you come across. It is important to find an excellent social support in order reach long-term sobriety. Therefore, you should never stop your search for sober living homes, until you find one that is the best fit for you. Here are five questions to keep in mind when you begin your search for a sober living home.

5 Questions for Finding the Right Sober Living Home

How is the Sober Living Home Structured?

Structure is one of the most important components in recovery. People who just come out of the drug or alcohol rehab wonder about the overwhelming amount of decisions that they have to make every single day. If there isn’t anyone to guide you with your day to day work, you may end up falling back to drugs or alcohol abuse. Therefore, you need to live in a sober living environment that will implement rules and regulations in your day to day life. When you are spending your time around people who value this structure, you will be able to focus on your recovery just a little bit easier.

What are the Current Conditions?

It is important to know about the living conditions in a particular sober living home and if they may lead to your sobriety being jeopardized or if they will affect your physical safety. Have a look at the other people who will be living inside the sober home with you. Then you need to ask about the safety and technological measures that are used within the facility. It is important to pay special attention towards the neighborhood as well.

sober living home

Is it a Positive Sober Living Environment?

Having a strong social network is vital to your recovery and if you can have that right at home, that’s even better. Read into your intuition. Do you get a good vibe from the people who are currently living there? Is this going to be a place filled with people that will support your recovery? Then you need to check whether the sober living facility has a positive environment or not.

Do They Have a Strong Sober Support Team?

Being surrounded by those who support your sobriety is also a very important aspect of your recovery. The sober living business that you select should be equipped with an excellent staff and support team as they are going to play an instrumental part in your life and your recovery. The staff of the sober living facility should be supportive and they need to care about your success.

Do They Encourage Personal Responsibility?

As much as you need others to care and support you through your recovery, don’t discount the power you have to guide yourself through to a happy and addiction free lifestyle. While your sober living buddies should have the ability to analyze you and guide you towards proper sober living programs and practices, individual recovery plans are extremely important for staying sober. Look for a sober living home that offers an excellent personal responsibility. They will assist you with the first few steps and then you will have to put in the hard work and be able to work independently toward your life free of substance abuse.

Remember, long-term recovery is a long-term commitment. You’re always in recovery and you can be happy without drugs or alcohol.

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