Sobriety and Good Health: A Better Kind of Buzz

Addiction Recovery and Good Health: A Better Kind of Buzz

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Once a person with a substance use disorder is successfully able to manage the disease of addiction, they often discover that feeling healthy in body and mind is an incredible buzz unlike any other. People may gravitate to alcohol and drugs for a wide array of reasons, but these substances invariably detract from one’s health, psychological well-being and other important aspects of life, such as school, jobs, and family. Comprehensive drug treatment promotes a path to recovery that addicts can follow in order to maintain long-term health and a life free from substance abuse.

Addiction Recovery and Good Health: A Better Kind of Buzz

Trust in Addiction Recovery: A Great Natural High

When people trust you, it’s a great feeling, but believing that you can trust yourself is a high that becomes a cornerstone of life in recovery. It is not uncommon for people that are addicted to feel as if they’ve lost the trust of their loved ones and friends. They may even feel as if they can’t trust themselves to refrain from using alcohol or drugs. Yet once they begin drug or alcohol treatment and learn about the physical and psychological dependencies associated with addiction, their newfound understanding of the disease and the recovery process can help them recover the trust that was depleted by their substance abuse problems.

The Full Wallet High

No matter how modest your means are, you’ll probably find that you have more money now that you aren’t spending it all on drugs or alcohol. Moreover, when you aren’t preoccupied with obtaining and using a substance, you can focus on finding a job or spending your money more wisely on education, both of which can enhance your well-being and the long-term recovery process.

Addiction Recovery and Good Health: A Better Kind of Buzz

The Happiness Mirror

You’ve probably heard the saying that the mirror doesn’t lie; when it comes to recovery from drugs or alcohol use, you’ll see a noticeable, positive change in your reflection. The fact is, drugs and alcohol age you and speed up the deterioration of your looks along with your health. When you maintain your recovery, you’ll discover that you feel better and will doubtlessly look better, too. Don’t believe it? Take a selfie before you enter treatment and then another three months, six months after. There’s happiness for you!

Addiction Recovery and Good Health: A Better Kind of Buzz

New Friends in Addiction Recovery: A Better Buzz

Friends who abuse drugs and alcohol may be people you care about, but you must remove yourself from their negative influence. Your life depends on it. If you are a recovering addict (and many experts will tell you that recovery is ongoing; addiction cannot really be “cured”), your recovery and well-being are delicate and you are incredibly vulnerable to triggers. Spending time in settings where drinking and drug use occur is off limits for the sober addict. However, new friends are waiting for you in sober living communities, at your drug treatment center and in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Be open to building new relationships that will enhance your life and respect your goal of long-term recovery.

When you trade in those momentary substance highs for the long-term pleasures of addiction recovery, you’ll feel the benefits of this trade-off in your bones, in your circumstances and in your smile. Don’t wait any longer to discover the pleasure that sober living can offer. No life, even a substance-free life, is perfect, but recovery will foster good health, an improved mental outlook and the opportunity to attain real happiness.

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