5 Super Helpful Addiction Recovery Resources to Try Now2

5 Super Helpful Addiction Recovery Resources to Try Now

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On any given day, thousands of Americans seek treatment for their addiction to drugs or alcohol and therefore are in need of addiction recovery resources to guide them in the right direction. Addictions are not all the same, nor are people, so finding the right addiction recovery resources that will work for you or your loved one is just as important as admitting they need help. Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there that can help those who need substance abuse treatment and addiction support.

5 Addiction Recovery Resources That Can Change Your Life

5 Super Helpful Addiction Recovery Resources to Try Now

12-Step Programs

Traditional 12-Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are abundant and easy to find for all sorts of addictions. It offers a set of principles and a course of action to help overcome an addiction, with the first step being the admission that the addict cannot control their addiction. The group relies on unity and will often rely on “sponsorships,” which is where a more experienced person in recovery will help guide a less than experienced person in recovery. These programs also rely heavily on faith in a higher power, which may not be for everybody.

Other Addiction Support Groups

Maybe an addict will feel more comfortable speaking with other people in recovery for their addiction to a specific drug. There are tons of programs out there that specialize in recovery for a specific addiction, such as Alcohol, Marijuana, Crystal Meth, Cocaine, MDMA, and LSD. Finding help from people who are recovering from the exact same things as you may be the best way to go.

5 Super Helpful Addiction Recovery Resources to Try Now

Family and Friends

Sometimes all you need is the strong support group you may already have. Asking and admitting that there is a problem may be the hardest step for an addict which a group may be able to help with, but family and friends you have been deeply invested in your life already might be even more comforting and willing to help. There are also support groups out there for friend and family to help them deal with helping an addict.

Outpatient Treatment Facilities

In Outpatient Treatment Facilities you are free to come and go as you please, these programs are good for patients who are unable to leave work or family for the full length of a program in an inpatient facility.

Online Support Groups or Recovery Apps

These days everything is online, that includes resources to aid in an addicts recovery. For those that might not feel comfortable in a traditional group setting, there are online groups of support that can be available anywhere you have an internet connection at any time of the day or night.

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