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How to Date in Recovery From Drugs and Alcohol

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Meeting people and making new friends is tough but dating when you’re in recovery for drugs and alcohol abuse? Don’t get us started. We’ve compiled 5 great suggestions about ways, and places to meet other sober people in today’s society. Whether you’re someone who comes from a background of drugs and alcohol abuse, or just an individual who has always maintained sobriety, this list is for you.

5 Ways to Meet People in…

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Risky Social Settings and the Recovering Addicts

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In the weeks and months following a stay in rehab, recovering addicts are particularly vulnerable to relapse. When it comes to an addictive substance like alcohol, the rate of relapse during the recovery period averages anywhere between 50% and 90%. Recovering meth addicts face a staggering 93% rate of relapse.

Warding off relapse is a top priority for recovering addicts and alcoholics. One of the best ways to avoid…

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Top 5 Tips for Living with Someone in Recovery

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If you have a loved one in addiction recovery who is getting ready to come home from rehab treatment (or is already home) then you should prepare to support them. Understanding everything that comes with living with an addict in recovery is essential in helping them avoid a relapse, which obviously neither of you want. Here are the top five tips for living with someone recovering from an…