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The Ferris Wheel of Addiction

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“Step right up, boys and girls. Take a seat on the ride of your life. Addiction

You’ve never been on a ferris wheel before but you’ve seen it on TV and all your friends have said it’s cool. It’s new and scary but you decide to give it a try. You only live once, right?

The operator pulls back the bar and your friends pile in next to you. The…

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4 Tips to Enjoy a Sports Game without Drinking Alcohol

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Drinking alcohol and watching sports culturally goes together. However, as part of our #SoberOctober theme at Discovery Transitions, we’re going to show how you can enjoy a sports game without even touching alcohol. Don’t worry, you’ll still have fun!

Enjoy a Mocktail & Keep a drink in-hand

You can still enjoy a satisfying non-alcoholic drink while watching a sports game. Mocktails are awesome non-alcoholic editions of…


Emotional Sobriety is Equally Important as Physical Sobriety

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Physical sobriety and emotional sobriety are two parts to a single unit in living a life free of alcohol and drug abuse. Physical sobriety means more than putting down the drink or refusing to pick up the drug. In other words, it means more than abstinence. Physical sobriety can take different amounts of time, depending on the substance and the length of time a person has abused it. Long-time…


Negative Emotions Can Compromise Your Sobriety

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A growing body of evidence supports what many therapists know from experience: patients with a fighting spirit have a better chance of recovery than those who surrender to their addiction. There is solid evidence on how negative emotions and mental attitude can affect a patient’s physical condition and wellbeing. Many people use drugs and booze as a way to relax and cope. Others are simply lured by…