Community Service an Essential Element in Recovery

Community Service Essential in Addiction Recovery

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Giving back to the community in service to others is an essential component of addiction recovery. Recovery from addiction means much more than using willpower to quit drinking or refrain from using drugs. It’s one of the ways people, who are changing their thought patterns and practicing new behaviors, learn to maintain a confident life in sobriety. After gaining strength post-withdrawal, clients at The Discovery House can expect to use a variety of therapies to treat underlying issues. One of these therapy models is The Discovery House’s participation in service, where co-founders Tom and McKay Whiting serve as active proponents of giving back to the community.

Community Service an Essential Element in Recovery

Giving Back To Community Meets Goals of Rehab

Service to others accomplishes numerous goals in recovery, including giving people a sense of self-worth and self-esteem, both of which are essential pillars in continued sobriety. Other benefits include:

·         Preventing Isolation

Sometimes, people in recovery tend to isolate themselves from others. They are ashamed of past behavior, and they may fear the temptation of associating with former friends. Community services helps people mingle with others through a common purpose.

·         Developing Skills

Community service can help reinforce life skills, such as communication and teamwork. It also has the potential to introduce new job and trade skills, such as carpentry, event planning or public speaking, depending on the nature of service.

·         Lowering Impact of Depression

Recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction means taking a look at underlying or co-existing conditions, including anxiety and depression. Working with others and feeling positive about one’s accomplishment can help overcome these disorders.

Stepping out of self-indulgent, negative thinking by giving back to the community and by concentrating on others creates a win-win situation. Along the way, our team of professionals including doctors, therapists and counselors, all participate in helping clients to achieve their goals.

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