Drug Addiction Recovery: 5 Things For Families to Understand

Drug Addiction Recovery: 5 Things For Families to Understand

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Drug addiction recovery is never as simple as it seems. You don’t just wake up an addict. Many times it’s something that takes several weeks, maybe even months to develop. So, when you take the initiative and set out on the road to recovery, most of your loved ones will be looking at you and be wondering, “What’s going on?”

What Your Family Needs to Understand About Your Drug Addiction Recovery

Here are five concepts most friends and families of recovering addicts don’t understand about the recovery process.

Drug Addiction Recovery: 5 Things For Families to Understand

That there is no quick fix for drug addiction

One thing even parents of addicts may not understand is that there is no quick fix to substance abuse and addiction. So, they will see you through several steps in your addiction recovery process and think it’s just too much. You can’t blame them for what they don’t understand but thanks to years of research there are now many ways to treat addiction as well as many recovery tools you can use to prevent a relapse in the future.

That one can completely recover from addiction

While it’s true that someone can completely recover from addiction, some people think addiction is a killer disease with no solutions. Often, these people show a lot of sympathy toward you, but you can see it their eyes that they have already given up. Do NOT give up.

That they play critical role in your drug addiction recovery

By secluding you, these loved ones are only harming your recovery progress. Addiction recovery requires the input of everyone close to you. This is the time you need these people the most.

That addiction is not an indicator of an underlying character defect

Sometimes addicts misbehave, are abusive and can even become hostile. In addressing the addiction, we must accept that these are not issues related to an underlying character disorder.

That their financial support could be hurting your recovery

While a recovering addict requires endless support, it is important to see how their generosity might be fueling the problem. For instance, is the pocket money being used to buy more drugs?

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