How to Speak to Your Family About Your Addiction Recovery

How to Speak to Your Family About Your Addiction Recovery

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It can make a difference for your addiction recovery when you speak to your family first. Your family can support you. They will be informed about your health and learn about addiction recovery. They can benefit from attending family programs if provided by your recovery center. Or they can join Al-Anon and learn from other members whose situations closely resemble theirs. “Family and friends can play critical roles … Involvement of a family member or significant other in an individual’s treatment program can strengthen and extend treatment benefits.”

Don’t be surprised if they tell you they have been concerned about you for some time. Your family will be relieved and grateful you are ready to seek treatment. It’s important for them to know that attending meetings daily can save your life. Your nearest and dearest have been missing your company for some time and now that you are clean, they may expect you home every night.

How to Speak to Your Family About Your Recovery

Suggest that they read The Family Afterward chapter in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous for examples of family support and understanding in different situations. Point out p.137: “The family must realize that dad, though marvelously improved, is still convalescing. They should be thankful he is sober and able to be of this world once more. Let them praise his progress. Let them remember that his drinking wrought all kinds of damage that may take long to repair. If they sense these things, they will not take so seriously his periods of crankiness, depression, or apathy, which will disappear when there is tolerance, love, and spiritual understanding.”

Explain what you need to your loved ones and they won’t have to wonder or be afraid to upset you and cause you to relapse. You can assure them that you will have new friends looking out for you, giving you rides home from meetings and staying out late with you to talk or share a late-night snack. Miracles happen every day in addiction recovery.

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