4 Ways to Find Support in Recovery (When Your Family is MIA)

4 Ways to Find Support in Recovery (When Your Family is MIA)

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One of the most important factors in staying sober is support in addiction recovery.  Support helps to cement the ideas and values that we hold and acts as a safety net, helping to ensure that addicts don’t fall back into old patterns. Unfortunately, some people in recovery don’t get the support they need from an important source – their families.  Even after they’ve explained why it’s important that they stay sober, and need their support, some families may not grasp the importance of encouraging a recovering addict not to stray from their new lifestyle.  We shouldn’t dwell on the support we’re not receiving but instead, we should focus more on the positive energy and support we are receiving from other groups or individuals in our lives.

1. Find Support from Your Friends

The next logical step of support outside of our families is our friends who may even be closer to us than our own families.  We can use the support of our friends to discuss more personal problems we’ve been having.  Getting these thoughts off of our minds can make recovery as a whole much easier.  Our friends can offer a more relaxed, less stressful support  because they know more about us than anyone else.  Just being in the company of friends may be enough support to help an addict from destroying all they’ve worked for.

2. Find Support from Your Sponsor

If you don’t have a sponsor, that’s okay.  Some people find sponsors more useful than others.  In this situation, when you are looking outward for other means of support, we’d recommend looking into getting a sponsor.  How do you get a sponsor?  Just ask.  Many ex-addicts who have been sober for a long period of time after completing recovery are very receptive to being a sponsor.  A sponsor can aid in giving suggestions that worked for them while they were finishing their recovery and a sponsor’s tales of recovery may provide us with the support we need.

4 Ways to Find Support in Recovery (When Your Family is MIA)3. Find Support in Addiction Recovery Support Groups

An obvious choice for alternate support for your sobriety is a sober support group.  With 23.5 million people in the United States who need treatment for addiction of some sort, you best believe there are lots of support groups all over the country.  There are even online support groups  so you can always be connected to other individuals who are also struggling with the same problems as you.  Support groups are great for getting a narrative started, and sharing ideas and thoughts that benefit the entire group.  Having the support of multiple people really can assist in staying sober as you are able to rely on these people as you are racing towards a shared goal as a team.

4. Find Support from Other Recovering Addicts

Sometimes the best people to talk to are the people who understand exactly what you’ve been going through.  One on one conversations with other addicts in recovery can be a great resource because they understand why staying sober is so important, and can be a great outlet for stress.  In addition, you may be able to help and support them in their efforts to stay sober and reach long-term recovery.  The sharing of knowledge is an important variable in staying sober.  Sharing accomplishments between each other is another great way of maintaining a sober lifestyle.

In the end, you may find that these support channels are in fact better than those that weren’t backing up your lifestyle.  Remember, no matter what, here at Discovery Transitions, we can help you in staying sober. If you or your loved one need additional tips or information on resources available to build a strong support system, call Discovery Transitions today at 844.241.8276.

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