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How to Date in Recovery From Drugs and Alcohol

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Meeting people and making new friends is tough but dating when you’re in recovery for drugs and alcohol abuse? Don’t get us started. We’ve compiled 5 great suggestions about ways, and places to meet other sober people in today’s society. Whether you’re someone who comes from a background of drugs and alcohol abuse, or just an individual who has always maintained sobriety, this list is for you.

5 Ways to Meet People in Recovery From Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol

Dating Sites

Before you dismiss this option, think about it. Dating sites are great way to meet people who are narrowed down to your exact preferences. There are dating sites specifically aimed at people who plan to maintain a sober lifestyle, but you can usually choose this option on any dating website. This can be a great tool as now you, and your potential partner are very upfront with each other. No more worrying about whether or not your date will be supportive of your sobriety.


Meetups.com is a great website for meeting new people who share a particular interest, or aspect of life with you. Meetups vary from board game groups, to dating groups. If you look up sober groups on Meetups, you’ll be overwhelmed by how many different kind of sober clubs there are, and that most of them are completely free. In my last search, I found sober groups ranging from “Sober clubgoers,” to a sober LGBT group. Meetups is excellent for meeting new friends, or perhaps even a new partner. The choice is yours.

Religious Entities

Many people who practice any form of religion usually adhere to a sober lifestyle. While it’s not a guarantee, there’s a decent chance that they maintain at least some form of sobriety. If you’re an individual who is both sober, and is religious, this option may be perfect for you. You could potentially meet someone who right off the bat shares two similarities with you. You and them could be both religious, and sober.


Sobergrid is a free social networking app for both iPhones (IOS) and Android devices. Think of it as a facebook (esque) app that is only used by individuals who maintain a sober life. The app makes it very easy to meet other people who feel sobriety is an important part of their life. There is also an interesting feature that allows you to see other Sobergrid users nearby by allowing you to turn on the location support. With it on, you can see other individuals nearby who also have the feature on. It will allow you to find people who are sober, and want to meet up. The app also has a very neat, and helpful feature called “Burning Desire.” This feature allows users who feel like they’re about to slip up on their sobriety get support from the entire Sobergrid community. Many of the users of the app are former patients of drug and alcohol recovery centers.

Through Friends

This one might be a little too obvious, but we’ll include it anyways. Your friends know you’re sober and chances are they also know someone else who is also sober and perhaps they think that you two will get along. It couldn’t hurt to ask. Your friends will know you and your preferences better than any meetup, dating site, or networking app.

This short list is just will hopefully give you a few ideas of where to start looking when wanting to meet new, sober people. Having more sober people in your life can help support your sobriety, and ease the pressure on you to break sobriety.

Do you have any suggestions on how to meet other people in recovery? If yes, please share with us in the comments below or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We are always looking for new ideas!

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