3 Ways Alumni Group is Helpful in Outpatient Drug Rehab

3 Ways Alumni Group is Helpful in Outpatient Drug Rehab

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Making it through outpatient drug rehab for addiction is a pivotal, life-changing event. The initial surrender—Yes, I need to do this—the break from the grind of addiction, the new things learned, hope, vulnerability, and a whole new sense of possibilities all add up to a starting point for a changed life. And fundamental to all this is the fact that we do it alongside others. Not all treatment centers offer an active alumni group for post-treatment support, but at Discovery Transitions we understand the importance of connection during early addiction recovery.

Why Joining an Alumni Group is Helpful During Outpatient Drug Rehab

Nobody goes through treatment in isolation; it’s a necessary part of the process to recover in a group. In drug addiction treatment, that group consists of our fellow treatment patients.


You Meet and Connect With a Variety of Recovering Drug Addicts

Many of the people you will find yourself in drug rehab centers with are people with whom you may not ordinarily mix with. But what the college-dropout heroin smoker and the pill-addicted housewife have in common is addiction, and the feelings and frustrations underlying addiction prove to be stronger ties than the lifestyle differences are barriers. Addicts together in recovery have been likened to survivors of a shipwreck—the bonds of mutual survival take priority.

You Form Bonds That Support Your Recovery from Drug Abuse

As we move together through the early phases of recovery, we find—through sharing at the group level in treatment—that we are not alone. When others share their fears and failures, as well as their hope and determination, we identify. And when people who have successfully completed treatment and are living productive, drug-free lives come back and share, we gain strength from their experience.

These Relationships Are Helpful From Early Recovery and Beyond

When the time comes to go on with our lives—clean and sober—the relationships we’ve built in treatment are assets to our recovery. Furthermore, our own recovery becomes an asset to those who are newer in recovery. An alumni group can keep us grounded: they know where we came from and can keep us accountable, and in turn we can watch who succeeds and who falters, and we can learn from each.

Join the Discovery Transitions Alumni Group

There really is no denying the power of connection through participation in an active alumni group. You get to meet a variety of people from different walks of life that can teach you a lot about recovery and about life. If you are an alumni of The Discovery House drug rehab program or the Discovery Transitions outpatient treatment center and you are not already a member of the alumni group and would like to participate, reach out to us today at (866) 916-3211. We also keep an active alumni group Facebook page, so you can stay connected no matter where you are. Call us today for more information on our alumni group.

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