3 Things Recovering Addicts Wished you Knew

3 Things Recovering Addicts Wished you Knew

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If you’ve been caring for a drug or alcohol addict, or if a member of your family is an addict, you must be wondering how they feel inside. Do they even know they pain they are causing the family?

Well, the truth is that even addicts have feelings. For recovering addicts, they will have discovered what it really means to be an addict and what is needed to get back to normalcy. They have things they wish you knew about recovery. Here are 3 things a recovering addict might not tell you but which they wish they could.

3 Things Recovering Addicts Wished you Knew

  • They don’t want to hurt you

We tend to fear addicts. We always associate them with negative influences. We think that if someone smokes cannabis then they must be incapable of making positive life choices. The truth is that addicts feel ashamed about such behaviors. They feel like outcasts and lose self-esteem. It makes them feel powerless and hurts their chances of recovery.

  • They don’t enjoy the know-it-all attitude

Addiction recovery can be very difficult, even painful. There will be a lot of failure and know that recovery isn’t a race you win at some “finish line.”

Then you come in with a know-it-all approach thinking you can fix things in a flash. Recovering addicts want you to understand that they really want to get over the addiction, just that they can’t do it on your schedule.

  • That they need you

It’s very difficult for an addict to tell you that they need you. But they sure do. They would really want to talk about how things happened but many times they have no one to share with.

If your loved is recovering from addiction, do not wait for them to tell you how much they need you. Be the shoulder they can lean on and you will see how much they appreciate it. We need to understand that addicts are human just like the rest of us. This is the only way we can help them achieve quicker and smoother recovery.

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