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Three Reasons You Will “Never” Be Happy Sober

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As a recovering addict, you’ve taken the most important step toward living a sober life. You made the call, did the detox, and you’ve been steadily working toward sobriety for a few months now. You’ve been making progress and most days you feel pretty good about life and your journey. However, you still have days where it seems like all you can think about are the reasons you will never be happy sober.Three Reasons You Will Never Be Happy Sober

You Can’t Imagine Anything Making You Feel As Good As Drugs / Alcohol Did

When you were substance abusing, it was the only way you ever felt anything good. Living a life without drugs or alcohol can look boring from afar but one thing you should keep in mind is that most of your life you aren’t going to be in a perpetual state of euphoria and that doesn’t necessarily equate to a life void of happiness. You won’t be excessively happy all the time and it will take some time to adjust but once you start filling your life up with good things like healthy relationships, goals, and hobbies and true happiness will follow naturally.

You Think No One Will Understand You

You are familiar with the stigma of addiction and as a recovering addict, you’re worried about how people will look at you now. “Hi, my name is Bob and I’m a recovering addict. Let’s be friends.” Won’t people just run for the hills? The straight answer is, yes, some people definitely might, but those aren’t the people you want to have in your life anyway. This applies to all types of relationships, if someone can’t accept who you are then they really aren’t worth your time. Seek out support groups and get yourself some new supportive and sober friends who not only understand you but will stand beside you on your path of sobriety.

You Don’t Know Who You Are Without Your Addiction

Up until the moment you walked through the door of rehab and into your new life of sobriety, your addiction ruled you. You were your addiction. Now that you’ve kicked it, you aren’t quite sure who you are without it. At least when you were using you had that – now you’re lost and it feels like you have nothing. But there is one thing you do have that not a lot of people do: a chance. Life has handed you this incredibly rare gift to wipe your slate clean and start anew. Don’t waste it.

As you leave rehab and set foot into your new sober life, you are stepping into unknown territory and it is scary but recovery is possible, and so is a happy and healthy sober life. Call us today (866) 916-3211.

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