Discovery Transitions’ Intensive Outpatient Program for Recovery from Addiction

Discovery Transitions offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for both those who have completed inpatient treatment for substance abuse and those seeking treatment but have the potential to recover successfully without submitting to hospitalization or a residential program.

Our intensive outpatient program for substance abuse represents a step down from the full-immersion experience of an inpatient program, but offers a continuation of the program components that are vital to achieving reliable long-term recovery. These include, among other things, a variety of group sessions, individual counseling, and family therapy. Additional modalities are available, depending on the individual client’s needs.

Who Can Benefit from an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

Addiction generally follows a predictable downward path. Whether it begins with experimentation and “recreational” use or with medication for pain, it develops a life of its own that progressively affects every aspect of the addict’s life. In the early stage, it seems to provide benefit in the form of entertainment, or relief from anxiety, depression, or pain, and until subsequent problems pile up there is little motivation to stop. When substance use begins to look problematic, the potential addict will begin to try to manage his or her consumption, always to be faced with the addict’s dilemma: controlled use always seems to fall short of satisfying, and the addictive mind creates a justification for using. The cycle of addiction may be interrupted, on occasion, by attempts at moderation or abstinence, but without help a true addict will return to using and his or life will continue to unravel.

How Outpatient Drug Rehab Can Change Your LifeDepending on how far downward the addict’s life has spiraled, an IOP treatment program might be the ideal solution for those who have the motivation to participate at the level necessary for success. If substance dependency has been chronic over a long period, and the amounts consumed consistently large, then an inpatient program is probably the more effective choice, especially as it is important to separate the addict from access to drugs.

Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment, as with drug treatment, has the potential to completely turn our clients’ lives around, provided that they provide the willingness to participate and take the actions suggested in our program. Even though we at Discovery Transitions pride ourselves in meeting the highest standards of treatment, IOP therapy can only be as effective as the level of personal involvement a client brings to it.