A Sober Living House Might Be the Best Option

A sober living house might be a perfect fit, whether you are transitioning from a residential treatment facility or just starting your journey in recovery. Discovery Transitions works with a number of sober living facilities, in order to build and expand a solid support system in the recovery process. We find that navigating through various stressful situations and temptations can go more smoothly when an individual is connected with a supportive peer group.

Sober living houses are structured environments tailored to the basic needs of the newly recovering addict and alcoholic. They may vary in the detail but generally, they have a consistent set of requirements:

  • Drugs and alcohol prohibited
  • Random periodic testing
  • Participation in recovery meetings
  • Outside participation in either school, work, or an outpatient program
  • No violence
  • Connecting with a mentor or sponsor

Sober Living in Los Angeles

If you choose to stay in a Discovery Transitions partner sober living facility in the Los Angeles area you will be conveniently located near our outpatient treatment center. As the above-listed requirements may be new to the alcoholic or addict just beginning the recovery process, a Discovery Transitions sober coach can help you to see the importance of the requirements and to live cooperatively with the staff and other residents. It has been demonstrated that sober living environments (SLEs) contribute to establishing sustained recovery when used as an adjunct to a 12-step program.

A sober living house can make it easier to establish a foundation in recovery. Living in proximity to others who are also striving for recovery can reinforce your own resolve to make it work. Fellow residents who are “getting it” serve as models and inspiration for sobriety.