Discovery Transitions’ Outpatient Treatment Center: An Opportunity for Addicts to Recover

Discovery Transitions is a high-quality drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center located in Southern California. Discovery Transitions offers outpatient treatment programs for men and women who need a structured treatment program that is designed to address each client as an individual. The goal of outpatient is for clients to continue their commitment to their recovery while receiving the necessary treatment to live a productive life, free from drug and alcohol dependence.

A team of professionals in the field of recovery will work with the client in order to establish and develop a foundation for recovery. A sober coach will provide the one-on-one counseling that, in conjunction with a series of immersive group experiences, will form the bedrock of new sobriety. If addiction intervention is called for, we have the experience to stage one and the resources to place the individual in question in the most appropriate facility.

What Can Our Outpatient Rehab Center Do for You?

Whether you are stepping down from an intensive inpatient program or if coming in for a brand new start, Discovery Transitions’ outpatient rehab center can provide the elements you need to establish a foundation for recovery.

People use alcohol and drugs because they like the effect. The typical progression of addiction goes from an enjoyable, “recreational” phase to a substance abuse stage and then, finally, to a full dependency. At some point, if you look carefully, you will see where you have crossed into an existence where your condition, when not under the influence, is somehow inadequate—something’s missing, and a drink or a drug (or both) is the missing puzzle piece. Most addicts start out looking for a high but wind up just trying to “get right.” Alcoholics at some stage have passed the point of enjoyment and simply drink to avoid how they feel when they don’t drink.

The problem, of course, is that it gets increasingly difficult to find relief; consequently, alcoholics and addicts simply increase the amount that they ingest. Life gets more difficult, problems proliferate, the addict “can’t seem to get a break,” and the downward spiral accelerates.