About Discovery Transitions Outpatient Rehab in Los Angeles

Discovery Transitions is an outpatient treatment center for men and women suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our highly structured treatment program is designed for individuals whose struggle with addiction has reached a point where they are willing to ask for help: this is the starting point for recovery. We also serve as a continuum of care for recovering addicts who have gone through residential treatment and need continuing immersion and support in the recovery process. We also provides clients with relapse prevention therapy as part of our commitment to total recovery.

While we adhere to a basic template for recovery—and meet or surpass established standards for treatment—we individualize our treatment program for each client. Our outpatient treatment program begins with an assessment, during which the client’s personal history, condition, and status are determined. Medical history, severity of chemical dependency, and other relevant information help us determine the best course of treatment for each individual. Addiction involves underlying causes and conditions that produce a compulsion to abuse substances as a solution to their inner discord (dis-ease), which in turn exacerbates the underlying causes and conditions. This vicious cycle inevitably spirals downward unless it is interrupted via quality treatment. Discovery Transitions’ outpatient drug rehab makes a priority of exposing the dynamics of addiction and implements techniques to resolve by exploring in terms of personal history, emotional availability, thinking process, behavior and belief system, and provides the necessary understanding and tools to heal at a core level. Similarly, our outpatient alcohol rehab program involves an introduction to 12-step work that has proven to be an effective support system.

Experience has confirmed that individuals early in recovery have a greater success in maintaining long-term sobriety/clean-time by changing three areas of socialization: playmates, playthings, and playgrounds.

By applying themselves to concepts and precepts outlined at Discovery Transitions, each individual can experience a freedom to live up to the many responsibilities in life. It starts with an application to address biological, psychological and sociological barriers. As each of these three areas is treated, we see measurable progress in areas of emotional regulation, anger management, and increased coping skill, as well as a shift in the individual’s reaction to life.

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