Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions

Asking for help is a courageous choice and the right one, so, we in turn respect and honor that choice by making all our admission and inquiry calls completely confidential and off record. Our coordinators will answer your questions and talk you through our assessment process. Upon review of your assessment and insurance information, our qualified staff will determine which level of care will be most appropriate for you or your loved one.

  • What current issues prompted the phone call?
  • Does the individual have a co-occurring disorder that requires treatment at a residential level of care or a partial hospitalization level of care? Does the individual have any previous treatment history?
  • Is the individual covered by an insurance policy to cover treatment?
  • Substance abuse and history
  • Mental health concerns
  • Your current environment
  • Other medical information

The client is then scheduled for an admission immediately following the admissions coordinator’s interview and assessment. Our commitment never takes a day off, admissions go on every day of the week.

What Are You Waiting For?

CALL +1-(866)-916-3211 now. At Discovery Transitions Outpatient Treatment Center, we believe your recovery starts from the day the helpline rings. Do not be afraid of asking us about travel itinerary and measures. With clients coming in from all over the country, we assist in travel arrangements as best we can, and can book flights for clients if they so desire, or if necessary.

We can’t take on your travel costs, but our agents will be on hand always, to find only the best pricing plans and deals for you. Our travel agents can also make return flight arrangements for clients after their time with us.

Clients are welcomed at the airport by a staff member who also serves as an escort to our facility. Upon arrival, the necessary paperwork from consent forms to financial details is completed followed by a tour so the client may be familiarized with surroundings and the rules and regulations.

Feel free to ask for clarification at any point, and we can also reach out to a client’s job supervisor, lawyer, doctor, or probation officer if necessary, regarding medical leave verification.

Worried about expenses? Don’t be. Our packages are tailored according to your insurance coverage. We ensure you don’t spend a dime above what you are supposed to.

Finding Your Way to Discovery Transitions

Feel at home, before you arrive. Traveling to an unfamiliar place for recovery can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re with you every step of the way, regularly communicating with you throughout your travel. Pending your arrival, our staff will reach out to your insurance company. We will determine your coverage and policy, and come up with a customized care package just for you.

Step Onto The Path To Recovery Today!