Outpatient Alcohol Detox Programs

Alcohol addiction can bring your life to a grinding halt. Alcoholism can quickly ruin relationships, careers, financial stability, and wreak havoc on your personal life. Anyone with a drinking issue is urged to seek treatment at a professional outpatient alcohol detox center.

Discovery Transitions’ alcohol rehabilitation program, with outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction, helps alcoholics get sober in a safe, comfortable, and professionally managed alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles. Patients go through counseling, group therapy, and will receive relapse prevention skills as well as an after-care plan.

All alcoholism treatment programs, starting with outpatient alcohol detox, are crafted by certified addiction professionals to meet the unique needs of the individual. Also, patients receive relapse prevention tools to ensure long-term sobriety.

The more information you have, the less intimidating alcohol rehab will be. We made sure that Discovery Transitions is a great resource for those inquiring about alcohol rehab. Read further to learn more about addiction, the signs, and dangers of alcohol abuse, and how to get started with Discovery Transitions Outpatient Alcohol Treatment and Rehab.

Table of Content

  • 10 Signs of a Drinking Problem
  • Dangers of Alcohol Abuse
  • How Alcohol Rehab Works
  • Alcohol Rehab at Discovery Transitions

10 Signs of a Drinking Problem

Dropping Responsibilities

Have you seen a drop off in motivation and ability to take care of daily obligations? Alcohol abuse quickly drives a wedge between the alcoholic and their responsibilities.

Relationship Problems

An alcoholic has one priority – drinking alcohol. When alcohol is the number one priority all relationships will suffer. Recognizing that alcohol is coming between you and your relationships is a sign that you need help from an outpatient alcohol detox center. 

Increased Tolerance

You will need more and more booze to achieve the same effects over time. Having to continuously drink more to achieve the desired effects is hallmark symptoms of alcoholism.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholics can experience withdrawal from a few hours to several days after abstaining. If you are suffering from psychological symptoms like anxiety or depression or physical symptoms like shaky hands or cold sweats you’re going through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms mean your body has become chemically dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol as a Crutch

Alcoholics use alcohol to deal with problems instead of confronting and fixing them. Using alcohol to patch negative feelings and problems is a very slippery slope that often results in needing assistance from an outpatient alcohol detox center.


When you know your drinking has gotten out of hand you will be forced to lie and cover up your abuse. Alcoholism will take away your trustworthiness.


Drinking to the point of blacking out and memory loss is not normal. If you’re regularly drinking yourself into a stupor and can’t remember large spans of time – that’s a red flag.

Unable to Stop

Do you buy a 6 pack, tell yourself you’ll only drink 2, then find yourself heading to the liquor store 3 hours later after you’ve drunk the whole thing? A common sign of alcohol addiction is the inability to stop drinking once you begin. Learning to say ‘no’ to yourself is one of many skills acquired during outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction. 

Drinking During Inappropriate Times

A key sign of alcoholism, often leading to the need for outpatient alcohol detox, is drinking during inappropriate situations. Do you drink Irish coffee before driving to work? Are you slipping out during your child’s play with a flask? Having to drink despite potential consequences is never a good sign.

Unable to Quit on Your Own

Most people can ditch alcohol or choose not to drink with no issues, but alcoholics can’t. If you try and fail to cut back or quit alcohol without success you should realize no one gets sober on their own. The good news is Discovery Transitions provides high-quality alcohol addiction treatment, including outpatient alcohol detox, to safely and comfortably guide you to a new happy and sober life. 

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Long-term alcohol abuse has severe physical and psychological consequences necessitating interventions like outpatient treatment for alcohol, with damage going far beyond a stubbed toe while you were staggering drunk. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, heavy alcohol use can disturb, weaken, and shrink brain tissue. Long-term abuse can cause memory loss, confusion, and other impairment mirroring Alzheimer’s disease.

Alcohol throws off your natural balance of electric signals known as neurotransmitters. Though initially, alcohol causes euphoria and a sense of well-being, over time the abnormal ebb and flow will cause severe psychological issues. Long-term alcohol abuse can cause depression, anxiety, severe mood swings, trouble sleeping, and can eat away at personal relationships. Severe psychological symptoms can in turn further affect physical health.

Alcohol starts its damage in the brain but leaks to every other part of the body, making outpatient alcohol detox crucial. Over time alcohol abuse can lead to pancreatitis, liver disease including cirrhosis, malnourishment, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and death. In other words, alcohol abuse poisons you. 

How Alcohol Rehab Works

Discovery Transitions only utilizes proven methods for a safe and well-studied approach to alcoholism treatment.

While every treatment plan is different, the alcohol treatment program at Discovery Transitions normally involves:

Counseling – It’s as important to treat the mind as it is the body. Discovery Transitions uses one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and a host of other methods to address mental health.

Education – Counselors lead lectures and lessons on alcohol addiction including outpatient alcohol detox, and the topics that go with it. 

Health and Nutrition – Proper diet and health are increasingly focused on for its ability to aid in alcoholism recovery.

Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention arms you against future temptations by teaching you boundaries, how to address situations, and daily mental health tasks.
Follow up Services – Recovery is a lifelong process. Discovery provides aftercare and follow-up services for continued support and education for the rest of your sober life.

Alcohol Rehab at Discovery Transitions

If you believe alcoholism is causing you or your loved one’s problems, it’s best to act before consequences worsen, including considering outpatient alcohol detox. Discovery Transitions offers fully licensed and trained staff, clinically tested methods, and a customized approach to every patient. We are located in the Los Angeles area.

Our therapy and treatment programs, including outpatient treatment for alcohol, help patients deal with the physical symptoms of withdrawal and detox, the unique counseling needs of the patient, and relapse prevention once you’ve left alcohol treatment. Don’t wait another day, pick up the phone to talk to a Discovery Transition staff member today.

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