Addiction Therapy at Discovery Transitions

Addiction therapy goes much deeper than simply treating the physical problem of chemical dependency. The causes of addiction run deep, and quitting for some amount of time does not amount to reliable recovery unless those underlying causes are being resolved.

If you are having difficulties in life and suspect that they are related to alcohol/drug use, or if your reliance on substances has come to the point where they dominate your life, Discovery Transitions’ addiction therapy program can help you.

Most people with substance abuse problems don’t acknowledge the fact until they’re in so deep they can’t turn things around by themselves.

Drug Addiction Treatment

When the consequences of addiction pile up and become unbearable, there are only two ways to go: continue trying to numb the pain of addiction, or find help through drug addiction therapy. The initial admission of defeat—asking for help—is a significant first step toward finding a real and lasting solution. Discovery Transitions’ outpatient treatment programs are tailored to each individual’s needs. Ultimately, all addictions are alike in nature, but they have superficial differences that may require specific treatment. Heroin addicts may have a different set of psychological reactions than meth users, but the treatment model is essentially the same for each. Likewise, cocaine addicts may have different lingering obsessions, but addiction therapy will gradually erase the superficial differences and reveal that addicts of various stripes are in fact fundamentally the same.

Similarly, alcoholism appears to be somewhat different from drug addiction, but in fact, it is simply addiction to the drug alcohol. At Discovery Transitions, alcohol addiction therapy includes counseling for addiction and the basics of treatment are consistent with those of drug addiction therapy.