Welcome to Discovery Transitions

Our professional team of compassionate counselors provides support, structure, and a holistic
approach to healing from addiction. Every client will receive an individually tailored program to
meet their specific needs. Individualized plans include group therapy, holistic services, individual
therapy, and the integration of 12-Step principles. Discovery Transitions encourages family
members and spouses to be involved throughout the recovery process. Our primary goal is to
help individuals and their loved ones build a recovery foundation to last a lifetime.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Discovery Transitions’ outpatient program serves as a continuum of care for addiction. We offer
flexibility for those who are concerned with balancing recovery with work or other vital
responsibilities. The goal of outpatient addiction treatment is for further recovery among
individuals who either do not require drug/alcohol detox or inpatient treatment or have already
completed it. Through the utilization of intensive therapies and group programs, outpatient
programs serve to treat the lingering effects of addiction while creating a healthy foundation for
lifelong recovery. Discovery Transitions’ core programs provide evidence-based treatment modalities to manage a patient's clinical, medical, and psychological conditions. There are many outpatient addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles, but Discovery Transitions offers unique access to allow those who need treatment, and the care they need, regardless of where they live in the United States. Our services also extend to the borders of the Southern California area including Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Santa Monica. Visits from our past alumni take place frequently over a nice spread of barbeque to engage in our facility over their recovery, success stories, pool play, as a fun and inspiring activity.

Discovery Transitions offers outpatient treatment programs for men and women seeking either to initiate or to continue recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. As a transition program, we are ideal for anyone who has just completed an in-patient program and is ready to step down to a less intensive but highly structured continuation of treatment. Discovery Transitions are equally effective and available for those whose substance abuse problems are severe enough to require help but do not rise to the level of requiring hospitalization and residential treatment.

Our Specialties

High-Quality Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Discovery Transitions is a high-quality drug and alcohol outpatient rehabilitation program
located in Southern California. We specialize in catering to the needs of those who aspire to
break free from addiction. At Discovery Transitions, we believe in treating addiction as a three-
fold illness: mind, body, and spirit. Our intensive treatment is highly integrative, innovative, and
unique to cater to each individual as a whole. Discovery Transitions offers a full continuum of
services designed to foster long-term recovery.

We advocate tirelessly on behalf of our patients

Accessible and affordable drug rehab treatment is our mission. Discovery Transitions accepts
most private insurance providers.

Patient Testimonials

  • Discovery Transitions changed my life!! Great food, great staff, wonderful place! Awesome to get to know the amazing clients and see that I was not alone in my recovery. I made friends for life in the short time I got to spend there. Not a better facility anywhere in my opinion!! The team of employees, from the Technicians all the way up to the Owner, all have a patient-first mentality.

    Leto M

  • Going to treatment at Discovery Transitions was one of the best programs I've participated in, they helped me get my life back. They have amazing staff and overall good-natured people. They focus on all aspects of counseling, case management, meetings, different types of therapy, including trauma, one on one counseling. This is coming from someone who has been traumatized and neglected. They helped me get to the root of the problem. Which most times can feel very uncomfortable but they provide groups that you participate in and communicate with other addicts and hear their life stories. They really are an organization of team working to help heal the conflicted minds of us addicts that we faced every day. I would highly recommend this treatment program to anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health.

    Skyy S