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Several treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction – find the perfect solution for you. 

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Our outpatient rehab programs are customized specifically for your needs, so you don’t have to fight addiction alone.

Meet other people in the Los Angeles area who are also battling addiction in our group therapy.

You deserve to overcome addiction and get your life back on track today!

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From Addiction

Focus on your recovery while being away from home in our rehab center in Los Angeles, CA!

Breaking your routine could help increase the chances of gaining sobriety.

Our top-rated counselors will teach you new skills to battle addiction.


outpatient rehab programs

Our comprehensive and client-centered treatment options

outpatient rehab services allows clients to live at home while attending


Our outpatient programs allows our clients to live at home or in a sober living while needing recovery

dual diagnosis and substance abuse treatment to treat addiction


Substance abuse and mental health treatment goes hand in hand.

counselors help battle drug and alcohol addiction


We have the best counselors in Los Angeles, CA are that will help you break free from drug addiction.

addiction therapy in los angeles


Defeat the chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol with our addiction therapy programs.

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Choosing an outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is a difficult decision to make – that is why we got you covered!

Discoveries Transitions is here to assist those dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. We provide drug and alcohol rehab services that may benefit anybody struggling with addiction, regardless if you live in the Los Angeles area or out of state.

We take most private health insurance providers whether you’re from California or not!

Rehab treatment programs should be tailor-made to the needs of the client. Individuals who require more than three months of addiction therapy and rehabilitation may obtain longer treatment periods, which are likely to enhance sobriety maintenance.

Our outpatient rehab programs are among the best in the country. Our highly experienced counselors will collaborate with you one-on-one to show you how to live a sober life!

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is utilized by our certified therapists and staff to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Patient Testimonials

  • Discovery Transitions changed my life!! Great food, great staff, wonderful place! Awesome to get to know the amazing clients and see that I was not alone in my recovery. I made friends for life in the short time I got to spend there. Not a better facility anywhere in my opinion!! The team of employees, from the Technicians all the way up to the Owner, all have a patient-first mentality.

    Leto M

  • Going to treatment at Discovery Transitions was one of the best programs I’ve participated in, they helped me get my life back. They have amazing staff and overall good-natured people. They focus on all aspects of counseling, case management, meetings, different types of therapy, including trauma, one on one counseling. This is coming from someone who has been traumatized and neglected. They helped me get to the root of the problem. Which most times can feel very uncomfortable but they provide groups that you participate in and communicate with other addicts and hear their life stories. They really are an organization of team working to help heal the conflicted minds of us addicts that we faced every day. I would highly recommend this treatment program to anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health.

    Skyy S

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