Outpatient Drug Rehab: An Opportunity to Recover in the Valley

Discovery Transitions’ Outpatient drug rehab offers a way to break the cycle of addiction and establish new habits of thinking and acting that will serve as a foundation for recovery and a new, drug-free life. Adults who are motivated to show up, stay accountable, and take action can participate in Discovery Transitions’ outpatient substance abuse treatment and expect life-changing results. Now the question is: where should I go to get help?

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  • Outpatient Drug Treatment Can Change Your Life!
  • What to Expect in Our Drug Rehab

Outpatient Drug Treatment Can Change Your Life!

Drugs are everywhere. Outpatient drug treatment centers have proliferated to meet the challenge as drug problems—especially opiate and amphetamine abuse—continue to escalate as a national issue. They vary in philosophy and approach, but generally follow a standard treatment plan.

Discovery Transitions’ outpatient substance abuse treatment center offers an opportunity for addicts to recover in the San Fernando Valley. We provide a suite of evidence-based therapies centered on individual and group counseling, with an introduction to 12-step concepts as well as advanced treatment options such as Neurofeedback, which has been shown to nearly double recovery rates. Furthermore, we offer an environment that is friendly and casual even as it adheres to professional standards and maintains the degree of structure that is most helpful to our clients. Discovery Transitions promotes a clubhouse atmosphere that welcomes newcomers and alumni—those who have successfully made the transition to a drug-free life and want to share their experience with our current clients.

What to Expect in Our Drug Rehab

Discovery Transitions’ professional staff will conduct an assessment to find out your exact needs. What drug has you in its grip? Is your addiction at a level that might require sub-acute detox for reasons of safety? Do you have other mental-health or physical-health issues that need to be considered in treatment? Information about family history, prior treatment, and other useful data will help us determine the best course of treatment for you.

Once admitted to our outpatient drug rehab program, you will have the opportunity to participate in groups that promote a safe, caring, and respectful environment 5 days a week. These groups include interpersonal process groups, which help clients resolve problems in relating to other people, problems from which they have attempted to flee by means of addictive substances; specialty groups, psycho-educational groups; and experiential groups. 12-Step Program concepts are introduced, and counseling will integrate and monitor all the modalities in order to make sure that you are getting maximum benefit from each component of the program.

The Living in Balance core curriculum includes 12 sessions that address basic issues commonly faced by clients in early recovery. Sessions address drugs of abuse, relapse prevention, self-help groups, mental and physical health, emotional and social well-being, sexual and spiritual health, and daily living skills.

Other group formats are included in the curriculum, and our Family Program is a key offering in helping not only our clients but their loved ones as well.

What you can expect in Discovery Transitions’ outpatient drug rehab program is a gradual awakening and a new freedom, not only from addiction itself but from everything that goes with it: isolation, fear, anxiety—the list could go on. Recovery offers a healthy and fulfilling alternative to the addictive life.

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